Saturday, June 7, 2008

Windows Down + Music Up Mix

One of my favorite things to do back East on a beautiful sunny spring day was to drive around with the windows down, music loud, and no destination in sight. Just driving by the vegetable stands, small corner stores, the lush green trees, ancient stone walls exposing themselves from the muddy earth, the fresh air blowing through your hair as you're navigating the winding roads curving between the bulbous North East Hills. While I don't get the scenic roads here in LA I still love to drive with my windows down and music blaring on those beautiful sunny days- when there's no traffic. This mix is an upbeat, classic rock/rock themed mix for just those occasions. 
Windows Down + Music Up 
  1. "Sweet Home Alabama" ~ Lynyrd Skynyrd
  2. "Take It Easy" ~ Eagles
  3. "Blue Sky" ~ The Allman Brothers Band
  4. "Heard It In A Love Song" ~ The Marshall Tucker Band
  5. "Werewolves of London" ~ Warren Zevon
  6. "Doctor My Eyes" ~ Jackson Browne
  7. "Shooting Star" ~ Bad Company
  8. Ain't Life Grand ~ Widespread Panic
  9. "End Of The Line" ~ Traveling Wiburys
  10. "Ooh La La" ~ Faces
  11. "Space Cowboy" ~ Steve Miller Band
  12. "Bad Moon Rising" ~ Creedence Clearwater Revival
  13. "Alright, Alright, Alright" ~ Mungo Jerry
  14. "Taking Care Of Business" ~ Bachman-Turner Overdrive (or BTO)
  15. "Bang a Gong (Get It On)" ~ T. Rex
  16. "All Right Now" ~ Free
  17. "Hard To Handle" ~ The Black Crowes
  18. "Good Times, Bad Times" ~ Led Zepplin
  19. "Sympathy For The Devil" ~ Rolling Stones
"Sweet Home Alabama" - Turn it up. Along with "Living on a Prayer", "Don't Stop Believing", and "Pour Some Sugar On Me", this is one of those songs that gives every white person in the room carte blanche to sing at the top of their lungs no matter where they are. Great summer song, even if you're not from Alabama. 

"Take It Easy" - This song always lifts me out of the doldrums. The lyrics are great-  reminding the listener to not take life too serious and just live it as it comes at you. "Just find a place to make your stand and take it easy."

"Blue Sky" - I love the guitar in this song, or any Allman Brothers song really, it just makes me happy. This song reminds me of a crush I had my freshman year in college, now it reminds me of anybody I love. I love metaphors, and I think calling someone your blue sky is one of the sweetest compliments I can think of. 

"Heard It In A Love Song"- I like the bittersweetness of this song. The self-defeating nature of the singer is something I think we can all relate to at one point or another in our lives. 

"Werewolves of London" - I have no idea what this song is about (outside of werewolves and their love of Chinese food), but I love it. Such a catchy and simple piano bit. Plus how many other songs can you howl to? 

"Doctor My Eyes" - Might be the song I've included in my mixes the most. I could probably listen to the beginning over and over again to no end. Such a driving piano, bongo, and guitar combination. I absolutely love this song. 

"Shooting Star" - The life of a rock star in a single song, and so well executed. Just remember we're all shooting stars. 

"Ain't Life Grand" - I had to throw a little jam band in here. Such a great song, and a nice reminder that life is great. Plus Widespread rocks my world. 

"End Of The Line" - How can you go wrong with Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, Roy Orbison, George Harrison, and Jeff Lyne together? They could probably recorded "twinkle twinkle little star" and have it sound awesome. I love the lyrics, and I love the juxtaposition of Petty's voice with Orbison's.  "It's alright- If you live the life you please."

"Ooh La La" - I just recently found this song. I was drinking at Seven Grand with my blond pixie friend who has impeccable music taste. The first few chords played as we were playing pool and she began dancing, I instantly knew this song must be good. Rod Stewart's voice is so great, and the lyrics speak volumes- I think it's a chorus we can all agree with. 

"Space Cowboy" - This song was my anthem in high school. Mostly cause I was a spacey cowboy, but I think also because I was just trying to go through life living my own way, trying not "to hurt no one." This song also has one of my favorite lyrics of all time, "You're the cutest thing that I ever did see, I really love your peaches wanna shake you tree." 

"Bad Moon Rising" - Perfect for a driving mix. Slap that hand against the car door. I just had to have some Creedence on here. 

"Alright, Alright, Alright" - Remember that song with the washboard sound that went, "In the summertime when the weather is hot, your can stretch right up and touch the sky." That was Mungo Jerry. I convinced myself he must have some other good songs, so I searched on iTunes for it- this is about all I found... But it's still a fun song. 

"Taking Care of Business" - Elvis had 'TCOB' etched into the wings of his private jet. Need I say more?

"Bang a Gong (Get It On)" - This is one of those songs you hear on the radio that you love, you've heard it before, but you have no idea who sang it. I have no idea why you'd want to bang a gong, but at least we can all agree with 'gettin it on'. 

"All Right Now" - Another one of those songs you love when it comes on the radio, but you have no idea who sings it. Such a great classic rock sound, with great classic rock vocals.

"Hard to Handle" - Is there anything more fun than singing this chorus? It's also a nice feel-good song if the girl/boy you like already has a significant other or love interest. 

"Good Times, Bad Times" - I had this on a morning mix when I was in high school. I love the build up, and I love the lyrics. I hated it when they sold this song out to a car commercial, but the song still has a soft spot in my heart. Plus you can always use some Led Zepplin.

"Sympathy For The Devil" - Definitely one of the best story songs by the Stones. You have to love the build up and execution of this song, it's just brilliant. And like Zepplin, I almost felt obligated to put some Stones on here. 

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