Thursday, June 5, 2008

I'm Jumping On

Well, game one of the NBA finals is tonight, and I have to admit... I'm jumping on the Lakers band wagon. 

The Knicks suck- they make it painful to even watch basketball. I like the Nets, but they're still form New Jersey. At the beginning of the season I was all about KG winning a championship, mainly because he is my favorite player. I love his intensity, and I love his physical game. But then when I really though about it, I can't root for a Boston team, I hate Boston sports fans (except my friends who are Boston sports fans, I only dislike you). So I'm going to do it and jump onto the Laker band wagon. 

LA is actually a huge Lakers town. Way bigger than Dodgers, way bigger than the Kings (a hockey team in case you didn't know), and way bigger than their non-existant football team (the Galaxy are kind of big, but who watches soccer? Honestly? Totally kidding by the way, I like soccer, err, I mean football). I love how everyone has flags flying from their cars as they drive around the city. I think it makes the game more interesting when you have someone to root for, and since the majority of my friends here are Lakers friends I figured "Why the Hell not?" 

I also do like the team itself. Kobe is amazing to watch. He basically scores whenever he wants. I also like how they try to keep it a team sport, instead of focus just on Kobe. I'm not bleeding purple and gold anytime soon, my blood is still pin-stripped. But in the meantime I look forward to some good games. 

Go Lakers!

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