Friday, June 20, 2008

It's Show Time

I'm excited. I'm here late late late working, but it's ok. I'm very excited about tomorrow's show.
For those who don't know, my most recent job in my ventures as an independent contractor happens to be working in live events. Right now I am working on the Opening Night at the Hollywood Bowl and Hall of Fame concert. Tonight we've been going through rehearsal's, lighting focusing, sound checks, and testing the video playback. It's all very cool to see and be a part of. Ever since I was in high school I loved being back stage. I wasn't a very good actor, but I helped as a stage hand whenever my sports allowed. There is something so cool about being back stage, and being part of a live show. I love my work in film and TV production, but there is something so different about live events. It's that energy you feel the night of the show, the ability to be part of the event you help produce and feel the audience's presence. I love that I can sit in the wings and see both the crowd's faces peering out from the dark and the performers under the spot light. 

I'm even more excited cause a piece that I've been bleeding over for the past few weeks has come to fruition and is going to be shown to open the show. It's basically a short montage of TV clips involving the Hollywood Bowl in one way or another. I've been slaving away acquiring rights for all of the footage (which is probably the second most painful thing in the world to do only behind sticking a screw-driver between your fingernails). And most recently my boss has had me edit it together and sweeten the sound. Granted I didn't actually direct or shoot the footage, but it will be the largest audience of any piece I've created, so I am very very excited (and proud I might add). 

My thesis advisor in college once told me about this professor he had that would arrive to class with a paper bag in hand, then place it on his desk. He would sit, patiently, waiting for class to begin. As soon as the clock hit whatever time it needed to hit he reached into the bag and pulled out this crumpled up blazer, which he would then put it on and teach class. I guess the reason I'm referring to this anecdote is because I was reminded of it yesterday with my boss. Right when Liza Minnelli showed up it was go time. Him and his co-producer threw on their jackets and were ready to go. It's just so much fun to watch him work his magic at this event: working with people, organize a large amount of jobs, and string together a show opening last minute on only a few beads of information (because on top of everything else he writes the entire show). 

I love my boss. He's literally a genius. Watching him analyze, prioritize, and put together a long list of details in no time at all is amazing. He is by far the most eloquent, professional, and gentlemanly person I've ever worked with, and just being in his presence and observing I am learning so much. I'm learning the right way to request things, the right way to deal with people, the right way to conduct business, format a letter, basically produce. He's definitely become a teacher and mentor for me. I'm learning so much from him, and I will be forever grateful. 

But I digress... I'm actually finishing this post right now, Friday, as we're gearing up for the show, and I can feel that electric buzz in the air. Rehearsals are in full swing, and our show clothes are hanging on the wardrobe racks. I can't wait to hear the low hum of the people filing into their seats. Blue stage lights come up as they slowly replace the sun dropping below the Hollywood Hills. To see that glow in everyone's eye back-stage, preparing themselves for battle. 

I love my work. 

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Stepiphany said...

That moment when all the hard work comes to fruition sounds very fulfilling - congrats! And how valuable to be working directly under someone from whom you can learn so much!