Thursday, October 30, 2008

World Series Champions 2008: The Philadelphia Phillies

Congradulations Philadelphia. After 25 long years of having your city win a major sporting title here it is: your World Series Champions the Philadelphia Phillies. 

And for those who thought this was was going to be a boring World Series because no big market team was in it for shame. You can't get much better than a bringer hitting a binger, free tacos, and a half game due to a rain out. An NL team hitting with the power of the AL team, and an AL team small-balling it like the best NL team. It was a great world series, and truly the best team won it. Props to Moyer for stepping up and putting forth a strong outing, shutting the Rays down and placing my foot firmly in my mouth. And props to Lidge for over-coming his Pujol's trauma to become the relief man of the year. 

Congratulations Phillies and fans!

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