Monday, October 6, 2008

VP Debates

I noticed, and you may have as well, I have a lack of political comments on this website. I enjoy political debates, and I enjoy talking about politics. But I find political conversations always seem to end one of three ways. 

1. Both parties agree on their points of view
2. Both parties disagree, and after talking in circles both parties agree to disagree
3. One party becomes so heated in the discussion they become loud, and the conversation ends in a huff

Anyhow, given a big election is happening soon I figure I might as well use my soapbox. So like my friend I thought I would talk about the VP debates from the other night. And like my friend I think I'll just do some bullet points. A few thoughts:

• The polls showed that Biden "won" the debate, but Palin seemed more "likable". I could easily see why. Palin dodged every hard question, and repeated her thoughts on renewable energy about five times. And after she over-played that card she resorted to "Well I'm obviously new to this Washington game. Awww shucks." I'll agree she's likable, but I'm just hoping people weren't blinded by her charisma and see what a poor VP candidate is she is. 

• I was pretty impressed by Biden. He stands by his views, and I like that. I thought he was a good debater, and I'll buy what he's selling. 

• I am disappointed by both parties to dancing around the gay marriage issue. I think it's great they're both recognizing equal civil rights for homosexuals, but why can't they make the logical leap into "redefining" the institution of marriage? I realize this is a hot button issue, and probably the reason why Kerry lost in '04. I understand this is a big taboo of the catholic church, but don't we have the separation of church and state in this country? At least I thought we did. 

• I think Palin made a big boo-boo to comment that she had no idea as the to the factors of global warming, and I'm glad Bidden called her out on it. 

• I'm all about clean coal technology. And had I been in Biden's shoes I would have also pointed out that coal is abundant in our country, and by supporting that research we'd be adding jobs in American, not supporting foreign countries for energy. 

• I think MLB should have waited a bit longer before starting the NLDS game. Country should come first... then baseball. 

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