Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Hello October

Well it's October, and if you're a baseball that means title time. Forget those 162 games you just played for the regular season, now is the real deal. 

I love baseball, and being one I can't help but to love this time of year. I'm a Yankees first and foremost, but I won't let their absence get me down. This was a great year for baseball, and there are so many great stories heading into this play-off race. 

• The Evil Red Sox are returning to defend their title, over coming the Angels ace away. 

• The Dodgers getting two wins in Wrigley field. Both due to phenomenal hitting and three hefty errors by the Cubs (did someone say the 'C' word?). 

• The Phillies dominating the Brewers. Taking their ace for 5 runs at home. 

• Tampa Bay Rays, a team with ten consecutive 90 loss seasons coming out on top of the tough AL East (ahead of both Red Sox and Yankees), topping a veteran Chicago White Sox team. 

Not to mention a the second year in a row a play-off spot came down to a single game play-off. In case you're not tuned in check out the schedule, and turn on TBS for the games, or your local ESPN radio channel for the games on broadcast. 

As for me. I'm rooting for the Dodgers. I figure they're like me, from New York, ended up here in Los Angeles. Plus the Torre connection, and I have a man crush of Russell Martin. 


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