Sunday, May 11, 2008

Spring has Sprung

Perhaps the most common phrase I utter to friends, family and strangers out here is, "Whatever you say about LA you can't complain about the weather." Temperatures here seem to vary between perfect, a little cold, and kind of hot. It's always like a temperate summer day back East. That is why it made me so happy today to see the lavender colored blossoms that speckled my route back home this morning. It was nice to see some evidence of spring in the never-ending summer that is Los Angeles. 

I miss the Springs from back East. The smell of honey-suckle in the air, the sun popping it's head out from behind the dark grey winter clouds, the geese flying back in off-centered V's, birds chirping, that first day you can wear a t-shirt again. I think what I like most about the spring and fall seasons back home is the change. The change that reminds you no matter how long and cold the winter may be new growth is on its way. Or when the leaves fall and the autumn chill hangs in the air you know it's time to bring out your sweaters and adapt. I think the season changes remind us of the passing of time, and that change is about the only constant in life. 

Locals here tell me the season changes here are subtle, and days like today remind me of that. One of my favorite memories from LA happened when I was making a side street U-turn and happened upon a small courtyard between two dilapidated red brick buildings. In the middle of the courtyard there was this beautiful pink blossomed tree standing by itself. Something about the juxtaposition of the graffiti covered walls and the colorful flora made such an impression on me. Amongst bustling urban environments there are still reminders of change. And not the high cranes building new apartments or the flux of traffic patterns, that's just human progression. I think it's important we notice the natural changes; the flowers blooming on the side of the road, the curvature of the moon, or the wrinkles in our smile. These are the natural changes that define life. 

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Anonymous said...

The spring time in New England is great! Girl finally re-emerging from their winter cocoons to spread the new wings they have been working so hard in the gym on all winter. But also, my allergies are absolutely killing me.