Sunday, July 20, 2008

Last Day in Santa Fe

Relaxed is the state I'm in. I just had a lovely dinner with my parents, took a nice long steam shower, and now I'm relaxing in bed on a pillow-top mattress, listening to the crickets chirp outside in the dark night. But let me jump back and finish up on my time in Santa Fe. 

After lunch yesterday I headed to the dog park to meet my friend and his new puppy Tally-Ho. A beautiful white German shepherd mix. I love the dog park in Santa Fe. It's a huge open space, with no leash policy. You just bring your dog there and let it roam around and smell gopher holes, play with other dogs, and run around. Afterwards we went towards the plaza to check out a glass exhibit that was at the Museum of Fine Art, which was amazing. Then we headed back to his place and had a BBQ with his friend and neighbor Ten-di (sp?).

The next day I met up with my parents at my storage unit and began the process of emptying it out. It was very frustrated to think that I spent roughly $2,400 over the last two years, when I could have easily purchased everything out of there for roughly the same amount of money. C'est la vie. At least my stuff is getting passed onto my friends and family, and I have my unicycle back. After some work we then headed to Chocolate Maven for brunch, then we all went our separate ways. 

I then headed to the rugby pitch to see some of my old teammates and participate in the "Santolympics". Many of them had no idea I was in town, so it was fun to swing in and surprise them. I always love surprising people by dropping in for a random weekend completely unexpected. The first event was the "fun run", an awful name for a made up excuse to slam a few beers. You had to pick a tire, then at the beginning of the race sit in your tire and drink a beer, then do five military presses with your tire, run up a hill, sit in your tire and drink another beer, five more presses, down the hill, back up, drink another beer, five more presses, down the hill again, and one last beer and last round of presses. I ended up getting fourth, but I would have been perfectly happy with last. Slamming beers while out of breath is easily one of the worst experiences I've had in the last few months. Other games included a water balloon toss, twister, croquet, horse shoes, and a jousting type game where you and your opponent used goal padding to try to knock each other off a cooler. It was great to see all of my old teammates, and any excuse to day drink is always fun. It was crazy to see how life rolls by. Two of my friends had become fathers since I had left, two others got engaged, and others got new dogs or girlfriends. It was great to hang out on the lush green rugby pitch, watching the clouds roll by and the lightning in the distance, as packs of children and dogs ran about playing chase. 

I love the people in Santa Fe. There is this amazing attitude where an enjoyable life is the most important thing. This statement may be fairly obvious, and one would expect this attitude any where in America, but it's so true in Santa Fe. Everyone is so laid back, and just enjoying life. There is no materialism to be seen anywhere, and you hardly hear people talk about work. Such great people, in such a great place. I miss it. 

So after the festivities we headed back to shower and put some combat gear on, then headed into town to check out a few bars. It's amazing how much busier Santa Fe is during the summer, and it's funny how easy it is to spot the tourists, always a favorite game of mine in New Mexico. The next day I had breakfast with a friend, finished emptying out my storage unit, then said my final good-byes to the city I love. 

I'm tired now, so I will have to give a full post on Taos a bit later. Good night. 

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