Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Day 5

Oh the wheel in the sky keeps on turning. I don't know where I'll be tomorrow. Wheel in the sk...

*snooze button*
                                                            ~ seven minutes later....

Everyone's wondering, will you come out tonight. Everyone's trying to get it right, get it right.
Everybody's working for the weekend. Everybody wants a little romance. Everybody's goin' off the deep end. Everybody needs a second chance, oh...

*fist pump - fist pump - fist pump*

I'm usually a two to three snooze guy, aspiring to be a no snooze guy. But today I felt peppy, and of course with the apropos Loverboy song rocking it was much easier to get up. It's still bizarre waking up in a hotel room. White stale sheets replacing my down comforter, polar-like AC replacing my fan, and a loud radio clock replacing my zen alarm clock. It's day five now, and I'm still getting used to this work on the road thing. I have a friend who does this for a living. Constantly traveling the globe and living from a suitcase. I can see the appeal, it's fun to explore a strange place as a small team. Being in new surroundings, getting the USA Today at your doorstep every morning, working together in a close-knit conference room, complaining about the chain restaurant food and hot weather. It's fun. I won't say I miss "home", but I miss my friends. It's far too early to say I'm lonely, but there are times I feel the pangs of longing. 

Yesterday we had our group meeting where we went over the rundown- a document giving in precise detail the timing of each element of our show. It was amazing to see everyone who works on the job in a single room, and it really showed me how many people it takes to put together a show. There were Producers, script supervisors, pyrotechnicians, audio designers, lighting designers, stage managers, stagehands, riggers, policemen, firemen, sponsors, dance choreographers, talent coordinators, production coordinators, production managers, vendors, cameramen, post production people, etc... It was incredible to see them all in one room working towards a single goal. In TV and film production you can take an abstract idea and turn it into reality using the magic of editing and film technique. In live events you have to use man-power and creativity to bring an abstract idea to life, oh, and you only get one shot at it. 

It's very exciting to see the entire thing come together. The stage being built, the dancers rehearsing, our pyro-guy describing the various fireworks displays he has planned (which was awesome. I'd love his job). Tomorrow we move into the stadium. I kind of got giddy when I saw our trailer, it's marked "Creative". There is something very satisfying about that. I think no matter what job I end up in I always want to be on the "creative" side of things, it's way more fun. It's definitely one of the things I love about my job, everyday I get to do something different. Sometimes it's researching the Revolutionary War to help my boss write the script, other times it's looking up "Americana" music to make a playlist when the audience in entering the stadium (which of course I loved), other times it's coordinating, acquiring media and working directly with our post production people. I've gotten a lot closer to my teammates, and it's definitely starting to feel like a family. I'm not sure if it's the show, or the place, or the fact we're on the road, but everyone here seems a bit looser. Which is good, cause I'm able to loosen up as well and act a bit more like myself. If you've ever worked with me you'll know I'll always work my but off, and put my all into my projects; but you'll also know I'll play around like a five year old any chance I get. I believe in working hard and playing hard. 

An example was when we first entered our work space. The tables in the room were set in a circular pattern around the room, leaving a large space open in the middle. I decided to place the trash can in the middle so that everyone could have a little free-throw practice during work. It's very amusing to see your older bosses shoot baskets. I highly recommend it if you get the chance. 

Anyhow, speaking of work I should get back to it. I felt a bit obligated to write in my blog. One of my original goals for this blog was to get back in the habit of writing, and I definitely feel it working. Throughout the day I find myself wandering into thoughts that I can later write and share with the world. I find myself crafting sentences, and playing with words. I recently agreed to join a script writing club, and hopefully that will inspire me to write more as well. Better get back to work. 

Oh, here is a funny link I found involving our headliner. She arrives Friday I believe, should be interesting.... 

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