Friday, November 14, 2008

Turning The Page Mix

I haven't added a CD mix in awhile, so I thought it's about time. 

On an old episode of "This American Life" Ira addresses the concept of break-ups, more specifically the break-up song. In the episode writer Starlee Kine talks about a recent break-up of hers, and how music played such an essential part in the grievance process. 

"There is something so satifing about listening to sad songs... They make you feel less alone with your crazy thoughts. They don't judge you, in fact, they understand you.... They tell you they're worse without him, which is exactly what you want to hear because it's how you feel. I didn't want to be cheered up, I didn't want to bounce back, I didn't want to meet someone new.
I wanted to wallow, big time, deeply, and with least ammount of perspective as possible. And the only way to do that was to turn off my phone and to turn up the sad sad music." 

I think Starlee hit it right on the nose. Sure break-up songs can make you feel even worse than you're already feeling, but there is something so cathartic about listening to someone else's pain. Pain you can relate to. They sing the way you feel, and in a weird way you're comforted by the fact that other people have just as much heart-ache as your own. 

Recently two of my good friends have experienced break-ups, so I thought I'd post this to help them and any others going through heart-ache. This is a CD I made earlier this year when I was going through a break-up myself. Still recovering, I find myself listening to it once in awhile. I've gotten some good feedback from those who I've shared this with, so I thought I would share with you as well. 

"Turning The Page" Mix
  1. "Where'd You Go" ~ Fort Minor
  2. "Apologize" ~ Timbaland (Featuring OneRepublic)
  3. "Better Things" ~ Massive Attack
  4. "Roads" ~ Portishead
  5. "Single" ~ Everything But The Girl
  6. "Passing By" ~ Zero 7
  7. "Hands of Time" ~ Groove Armada
  8. "I Am The Highway" ~ Audioslave
  9. "Ball and Chain" ~ Social Distortion
  10. "The Thrill is Gone" ~ B.B. King
  11. "Sometimes I Have Heartache" ~ Big Mama Thornton
  12. "Do I Need You" ~ Ann Peebles
  13. "I Hold No Grudge" ~ Nina Simone
  14. "Last Goodbye" ~ Jeff Buckley
  15. "Don't Think Twice, It's All Right" ~ Bob Dylan
  16. "These Days" ~ Jackson Browne
  17. "Keep It Loose, Keep It Tight" ~ Amos Lee
  18. "Goodbye My Lover" ~ James Blunt

"Where'd You Go" - I just love the juxtaposition soft and hard vocals on this track. I also love the simple piano hook. A song about a frustrated lover waiting for his/her work addict significant other. 

"Apologize" - I really think Timbaland is one of the best producers out there, and this track proves it. Such a powerful track, and I get goosebumps every time I hear it. So powerful, and so heart-breaking, just like a good break-up song should be. 

"Better Things" - A good reminder that there are always more fish in the sea. A simple little beat mixed with beautiful vocals. Some great lyrics as well. 

"Roads" - I don't know a single sadder sounding group than Portishead. Just a sad song that brings you to the absolute bottom of your soul. 

"Single" ~ If there was a club called "Everything But the Girl Is Under-rated" I'd totally join, and this is one of those reasons. Haunting vocals and thoughtful lyrics. A song which encompasses the mixture of emotions we all feel during break-ups. Confusion, loss, and regret.

"Passing By" ~ Another great set of pipes. This song is a bit stronger. It's about the realization that you're just a stepping stone in your lovers life, and the bitterness that follows. But in the end it's a song about strength. 

"Hands of Time" ~ I first heard this song in "Collateral", in what is probably my favorite night montage ever. An incredible and beautiful song about capturing the moment while it's there. 

"I Am The Highway" ~ A bitter bit of song. But beautiful metaphorical lyrics. "I am not your rolling wheel, I am the highway." As angry as it is powerful.

"Ball and Chain" ~ Apparently this is the angry section of the CD. This song is about being tired from a painful relationship, and being at a complete wits end in love. 

"The Thrill is Gone" ~ One of the few men on earth who can actually make his guitar cry. I don't think I need to say much else, other than if you haven't heard this song check it out. 

"Sometimes I Have Heartache" ~ Incredible voice. I was recently introduced to her this year, and I can't believe I had never heard of her earlier. For those in break-ups, she sounds how you feel. 

"Do I Need You" ~ Another "new" talent I found. Kind of like a female Al Green, which is a great thing. This is a strong song about being independent, and the realization all is not lost even if things aren't working out. 

"I Hold No Grudge" ~ A melancholy song about getting over loss in a mature fashion. Forgive, but don't forget. 

"Last Goodbye" ~ This song gets me every time. So so powerful, summarizes about everything. I love how the upbeat song is juxtaposed with such sad lyrics, kind of epitomizes the mixed feelings of a break-up. If this isn't the best break-up song there is I think it's darn close. 

"Don't Think Twice, It's All Right" ~ A calm song about accepting the end, and moving on. And I think almost everyone can relate with lyric on wasting time. Great classic Bob Dylan, and his Dylan-like-frankness makes it that much sadder. 

"These Days" ~ Getting to the melancholy part again. A song just relishing the sorrow of the end. 

"Keep It Loose, Keep It Tight" ~ "There is more to love, than black and white..." A beautiful song about the realization and acceptance of change. 

"Goodbye My Lover" ~ Ok, this might be the best break-up song. Uber sad and uber emotional. Edging on to the too sappy side, but a great song non-the-less. 

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